Friday, 17 July 2015

Cala Lillies rooting in the river above the tank.

This is one week of growth for the cala lillies bulbs.  Growth is insane.  It is so far the fastest growing plant.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Mario's over the tank river - part 2

There has been some modifications.  I did not like the outflows.  They take too much real estate over the tank.  I installed two bulkheads instead.  I lined the inside of the bulkheads with some textile to kill the sound and eliminate splashes.

I did a leak test overnight.  All seem ok.  I added some raiser blocks to give place for the filter intake.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Mario's over the tank river.

This little river will be installed atop my 75 gallon tank.  The river is the same length as the tank; 48 inches.  It is about 5 inches wide and just over 1.5 inches high.  It's not high, it will be low flow river with of course plants in it.  Bed will be lavarock with maybe some pieces  of drift wood.

This is the barebone box without the ends.  Because it's dadoes, just wanted to do a dry fit before glueing the parts together

This is the outflow.  Water will return to the tanks through this small opening.

This is some arrangements in progress.  I seived all the lava rock I have to get some smaller ones.  I am a little short in rocks.  I will throw some larger ones int.  I painted and varnished the outside of the wooden box.  The inside is line with a PVC pond liner.  Then I place a layer of geotextile then the rocks.